Old map gifts for housewarming, birthday, retirement and leaving

An old map is the perfect gift for many different occasions, from housewarmings to birthdays to retirement and leaving jobs.

We tend to form very strong relationships with the areas we spend a lot of time in. Local streets, nearby coffee shops, greenspaces, roads and footpaths... after a few months or years, we become very attached to our surroundings - and an old map is the perfect way to explore and experience what our surroundings looked like 100, 200, 300 or even 500 years ago.

Gift wrapping

I can gift wrap my old maps, but please get in touch with me before you order. There will usually be an additional charge, and there are some orders that I sadly will not be able to gift wrap.

Anniversary gifts

Paper is the traditional first wedding anniversary gift - and my maps are made out of wonderful, matte, heavyweight paper.

I have made a lot of first wedding anniversary custom maps for couples who have successfully navigated their first year of marriage.

Many of these maps also include personalisation, to mark the location of where they first met, got married, honeymooned, or perhaps where they live in their first home.

Even if it isn't their first "paper anniversary", a personalised old map always makes a great gift.

Housewarming gifts

One of the most popular reasons for buying my old maps is as housewarming gifts. My old maps from the 1800s and early 1900s have a wonderful level of detail that can show the person what their area used to look like, many years before they moved in!

My map personalisation service is also great for housewarming gifts: I can make it so the map is centred on their house, or perhaps colour in their house with their favourite colour. Or I can put a short message on the map that looks just like the other text on the map - a permanent personalisation that will make the map truly unique.

Retirement and leaving gifts

My old maps make for great retirement and job leaving gifts, usually for people who have worked in "geographical" jobs. For example, if someone worked for National Rail, one of my old railway maps would be great. Or if they worked in geology or petrochemicals, my old geology and palaeontology maps are fantastic.

Again, these maps can be personalised with a short message celebrating the person's work or highlighting a specific location on the map, if you're looking for a truly unique gift.

Birthday gifts

It goes without saying, but old maps are also perfect birthday gifts! The simple option would be to give a city or county map of their current location. But another option would be to give them a map of their favourite holiday location, or perhaps their home country (or county) if they were born elsewhere, or their ancestral home if their parents or grandparents emigrated from somewhere.

One of my most popular gifts is a map of Ireland for Irish folks currently living in the UK or US!

Father's Day

Whether it's Father's Day in June, September or November - wherever you are in the world, it's clear that giving an old map is a popular Father's Day gift.

I have sold a lot of maps as Father's Day gifts. Whether it's a city map from where your dad was born, or simply an old map of where your father currently lives, dads do seem to love my old maps.

Again, getting a map personalised for Father's Day is a nice, unique touch.

Gift cards

And finally, if you just can't find the right old map to give as a gift, or if you're not 100% certain you'll pick the right map, you can always give them a Unique Maps Co. gift card instead.

My gift cards never expire and you can use the value of the gift card on multiple purchases.

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