Custom Framing

All of my old maps can be custom sized, mounted and framed to exactly suit your space and aesthetic requirements. 

Custom framing & mounting

To make your map truly unique, please consider having your map custom framed.

We have decades of experience in framing old maps. From choosing the right archival grade acid free materials, to picking the moulding that will perfectly accentuate your map, to artisinal mounting and finishing, we guarantee your map will look amazing for decades to come.

All of my maps can be custom sized and framed to your exact needs. I can match the width of your fireplace, find a wooden frame that matches your floorboards, or perfectly imitate a framed map you've seen in a magazine.

How to order a custom framed map

The easiest way to order a custom framed map is to select 'pick frame colour', and then 'custom' before you add a map to your basket.

You can also pick from one of my standard frame colours: dark wood, oak and antique gold.

Alternatively, if you're looking for a very large or complex framed map, you should get in touch before you order.

If you don't select custom framing, I will frame your map using my standard gallery style black ash hardwood frame.

These black wood frames are usually between 1.5 and 5cm wide depending on the size of your map.

They have a simple, flat profile that works in most rooms.

If you are planning to frame the map yourself, please read my map size guide first to make sure my map fits into your frame.

How much does custom framing cost?

Custom framing is free for framed maps 50 inches (125cm) or larger.

The cost varies for smaller framed maps. It usually starts at around $50, but can be as much as $200 if you want an expensive hardwood frame and matting/mounting.

I will get in touch after you order to confirm your request, and to let you know if there's an extra charge to pay.

It is very easy to pay for the custom framing. I will send you a special link that lets you quickly pay through my secure online shop.

Choose from hundreds of different frame styles

I have hundreds of frames to choose from.

You can can pick one of these, or if there's a specific style, colour or material, just get in touch and I'll send you some options.

I work with specialist moulding suppliers around the world and can usually source whatever you might be looking for.

Please note that frame styles, like art or fashion or music, can vary quite a lot around the world. American frames look quite different from European frames, which look quite different from Asian frames.

26mm smooth black and gold

30mm regency antique gold

30mm walnut

5mm matte black aluminium

35mm gold

30mm black with burnished silver

20mm mahogany gold line

22mm antique mottled bronze

37mm flat oak

38mm regency black and gold

35mm scooped burnished bronze

52mm walnut gold line

40mm limed oak

46mm rounded beech

58mm flat oak

48mm black wood

48mm mahogany 

48mm white wood

2in American walnut

1.875in deep walnut and gold

1.375in sophisticated black

25mm vintage blue and gold

23mm blue silver line

38mm vintage blue

Is custom framing really free?

The short answer is 'yes' for framed maps 50 inches (125cm) or larger, but there are some exclusions.

Some mouldings are particularly expensive, usually if they are very wide, ornate or made from an exotic material. There will be an extra charge to pay if you want one of these frames.

There may also be additional fees for mounting and matting on very large framed maps.

Complex framing, such as splitting a map into three parts (a triptych) or a 24-map grid, is not free. Please contact me if that's what you're looking for.

Complex framing

I have framed maps in hundreds of different ways. Floating maps. Framed canvas maps. Giant 5-metre-wide maps printed on board and then framed. Cutting a map into irregular shaped pieces and then framing them for a fantastic "map wall."

If you can think of it, I have probably done it. And if I haven't done it before... I am excited to work on a custom framing project with you!

Looking for something truly unique?

Because everything I sell is handmade to order, and because I've been doing this for a very long time, there's almost no limits to what I can do with an old map.

If you're after something particularly complex, or special, or large, please get in touch.

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