Custom framing and mounting

All of my old maps can be custom sized and framed to exactly suit your space and aesthetic requirements. I can frame a map at exactly the same width as your fireplace, or find a wooden frame that's a very close match for your oak floorboards.

My standard frame is a simple black wood frame. It works well with all my maps and most room styles. I use a narrower frame on smaller maps, and a wider frame on larger maps.

If you'd like a different frame, or if you need to adjust the size to fit your space, you can click "customise your map" before you add a map to your basket.

If you're after something very specific or complex, please get in touch with me before you order.

If you are planning to frame the map yourself, please read my map size guide first.

How much does custom framing cost?

On framed maps that are 40 inches (100cm) or larger, custom framing is free.

For smaller maps the cost varies, but is usually around £30 (35 USD, 35 EUR, 45 CAD, 50 SGD, 55 AUD).

If you customise your frame, I will contact you after you order to confirm the details.

If you need to pay for the custom framing, I will send you a link by email to pay easily through my online shop.

Choose one of these frames (or something else entirely)

I have hundreds of frames to choose from. Usually, I can source any kind of frame that you might want. Here's a few frames that I often use.

48mm black wood

48mm mahogany 

48mm white wood

5mm matte black aluminium

35mm gold

30mm black with burnished silver

35mm scooped burnished bronze

22mm antique mottled bronze

37mm flat oak

Is custom framing really free?

In short, yes. But there are limits! If you want a very expensive or ornate frame, I will charge you extra for it.

There are also additional fees for mounting/matting, because this is very expensive on larger framed maps.

More complex framing - like framing a map in three parts (a triptych) or 24 parts - is not free. Please contact me if that's what you're looking for.

Examples of custom framing

I have framed maps up to 3 meters wide for hotels and hospitality spaces, and created exactly matched grids of 24 maps.

If you're looking for something a bit different, such as a "frameless" big map, I also have a few alternative ways of mounting and hanging my big old maps. Get in touch if you'd like to talk about your options.

For simple personalisations, I also offer a map personalisation service.

Here are a few nice photos of custom framed maps that I have made for customers in the past.

A very large 'Blue Thames' map of London by C&J Greenwood.


A mounted, matted and framed map of Ireland by Faden.

A very large (2.5m) map of London by John Rocque in 24 framed pieces.

An even larger map of London by John Rocque in 24 pieces - this time, 3 metres wide!

A custom framed handcoloured map of London by C&J Greenwood, in a fancy London hotel.

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