The Unique Maps Co. Christmas Sale

The Unique Maps Co. Christmas Sale

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The Unique Maps Co. Christmas Sale is now on! I'm expecting a very high volume of orders this year, so this is a good chance to beat the Christmas rush and get a good deal. The sale should run until December 14, but could end sooner if I receive too many orders.

I run two types of sale. Flash sales usually last 1-2 days and can end at any time. Seasonal sales usually run for a couple of weeks, but can end sooner if there's a deluge of orders.

When you click a product you will see if it's part of a flash sale or normal sale.

My custom made maps are usually excluded from sales. They take too long to make, so I end up with a giant backlog if I discount them. Custom maps will be going up in price later this year, so now is a good time to buy one.

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