Who is the Unique Maps Co.?

Established in 1984, The Unique Map Co. is a purveyor of the finest and rarest old maps.

The 'unique map' process begins with me travelling around the world and sourcing the original antique maps - some as old as 450 years old.

Many of the oldest maps are exceedingly rare. Handcoloured maps were expensive and were only affordable to nobles - and so sometimes there are only a few dozen copies of a map in existence.

I then restore the maps at my specialist workshop, taking care to remove the dirt and grime but leave all of the original charm and scan them in at very high resolution.

With the digital process I can then create different sizes of map, or customise maps to suit your needs. I can zoom in on a few streets, or colour your house so it sticks out on an old map.

My Unique Maps look beautiful and interesting on any wall, and make great birthday and Christmas gifts too if you know someone who is interested in the area they live in.

My framed large maps look great in hospitality spaces, such as pubs, bars, restaurants, offices and hotels. If you're an interior designer or commercial buyer, get in touch.

Buy one of my maps and explore what the world used to look like 100, 200, 300, or sometimes even 400 years ago. I promise you'll be pleasantly surprised and intrigued by what you discover!

Now learn about how I find and make our unique old maps.

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