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Father's Day

Customised old maps are a perfectly unique gift idea for Father's Day

Father's Day Gifts

How better to celebrate Father's Day than to get him a personalised map?

Get him a map of his hometown from the year he was born, with his first home and school highlighted.

Or perhaps an old map of where he currently lives, with his favourite locations marked... the pubs, the coffee shops, the golf courses, the cinemas.

By focusing on locations that are significant to your dad's life and history, I can make a perfectly unique Father's Day gift for you.

Please note that orders today may not arrive in time for Father's Day. Please contact me if you need guaranteed delivery and want to discuss your options.

Old maps for your dad


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      Personalisation & customisation

      When you buy a map from The Unique Maps Co., you have the option of making it truly unique with my personalisation and customisation services.

      I can make you a custom map centred on a specific house. I take real old maps, restore them, cut them up, and join them together again to make a map just for you.

      Or I can personalise a map to add a message, or mark a house, or add the logo of your dad's favourite football team.

      Personalisation inspiration

      Add a message or dedication to your Father's Day gift to make it truly unique.