How your customised, unique map is made

The Unique Maps Co. specialises in, as you may have guessed from the company name, unique maps.

A unique map usually starts with a real old map - and then I scan it in, restore it, and then customise it to perfectly fit the needs of my customers.

Some customisations are fairly simple. If you want a map to span and entire wall of your house or office, I can crop and stretch and zoom the map so that it fits perfectly.

Another customisation I've done for a few customers is changing the colours on an old map to better suit their aesthetic or the decor of the room that the map will hang in.

Other customisations are more complex, like adding a short romantic or commemorative message that matches the other text on the map. Sometimes a customer's town or village didn't exist in the 1600s, so I'll add another pin on the map.

Sometimes the customer wants the name of their house added to the map, and I am more than happy to oblige!

The most unique maps are when I take a large map - such as Stanford's Library Map of London, or Charles Booth's Poverty Maps - and fully customise them, so that they focus on a specific street or house. These maps make for perfect housewarming gifts, or for hospitality spaces that want something truly unique for their patrons to look at.

Learn more about my map personalisation service. Or get get in touch if you have a more complicated project in mind!

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